3.75" Pinner Tube 






$1.25 inc. tax

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Dank N' Blunt 5 product stars
"we love these things. one for the smoke, the other for the toke. thanks man.nice doing business with you." Randy's Bike Shop - 4/19/2013
Check out the pottles in action page 5 product stars
"I love my Pinner I use it all the time, add one on your order just to have it there I know you'll use it" Ricochet - 6/8/2015
Great Product, just a little small for me 4 product stars
"Maybe I'm just a little too medicated some of the time but I also found myself trying to open the backside more times then the front... kind of like the problem I always have with my USBs. Anyway.. This product works great to keep all odors in & out of this container and also keeps water out. Personally I'm going to spend the extra .25 cents for the pre-rolled cone, and added size for my dabbers." @NiagaraCannabis/Twitter - 1/8/2014

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